Designed to capture the tremendous torque from the latest generation D4 and D6 engines. The patented blade geometry of the Type H propellers provides optimal interaction between front and rear propellers, for outstanding efficiency and smooth and comfortable operation. The large blade area provides maximum grip and maneuverability. Made of high-strength stainless steel alloy for excellent strength and durability. Complete with shock absorbing rubber bushing and galvanic isolation makes it perfectly matched for the DPI drive. The line cutter is included as standard. * Patented blade geometry, outstanding efficiency and comfort. * Excellent durability and corrosion resistance. * High-strength stainless steel alloy. * Galvanic isolation protects the drive from corrosion caused by the propellers. * Shock-absorbing rubber bushing reduces vibrations and stress on the drivetrain. * Line cutter provides additional protection for the drive. * Three-blade front propeller and four-blade rear propeller.

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