The ultimate experts – at your service Contact Phuket Marine Engineering Co,. Ltd. (PME Volvo) an authorized Volvo Penta dealer as the first port of call when you need help with marine engine service, repair, parts, or other support – for leisure boats and commercial vessels. Our trained professionals know your Volvo Penta product better than anyone and can assist you with everything from anodes installation to software updates. All services performed are added to your online protocol and include a warranty as an assurance.

Welcome to our comprehensive marine service Whether it is a service, maintenance, repair,
boat storage, and selling genuine parts and engines from Volvo Penta and other brands' parts.
Our company is located in Phuket in the southern part of Thailand.
But our work has expanded to all regions of the country,
no matter where you are in Thailand, we can provide services.
Our parts are genuine parts with a warranty. And there is continuous after-sales care.
Ready to give advice and take care of all engine
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